Facility Connection Requirements & Aurora Overview

OMU Facility Connection Requirements

Owensboro Municipal Utilities, as a Transmission Owner, is required by NERC reliability standard FAC-001-0 requirement 1 to document, maintain, and publish facility connection requirements to ensure compliance with NERC Reliability Standards and applicable Regional Reliability Organization, subregional, Power Pool, and individual Transmission Owner planning criteria and facility connection requirements. OMU’s Facility Connection Requirements document addresses connection requirements for Generation facilities, Transmission facilities, and End-user facilities.

Aurora Overview

A vulnerability, dubbed Aurora, exists in the Nation’s power grid that jeopardizes the availability and safety of electric power and the safety and reliability of many types of motors and generators connected to it. OMU has designated a single point of contact within its Corporate Communications staff to field all questions from customers regarding Aurora. As OMU receives customer inquiries regarding Aurora, OMU will first respond by providing the publicly available Aurora Overview document provided by the Department of Defense. If desired, OMU will meet privately with concerned customers to discuss the potential impact of Aurora. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.