Speed and reliability at affordable prices

OMU Residential Internet delivers ultra-fast speeds at affordable prices. Your family can enjoy internet speeds perfect for streaming movies and television, video conferencing, gaming, lightning-quick downloads, and more.

Now even faster!

Beginning in April 2023, OMU Residential Internet delivers triple the speed for Basic and Intermediate customers – at the same price! Our Basic level jumps to 300 Mbps up & down, while our Intermediate level skyrockets to 600 Mbps up & down.


  • 100 300 Mbps up & down
  • Includes equipment and WiFi
  • One-time $49.99 installation fee



  • 200 600 Mbps up & down
  • Includes equipment and WiFi
  • One-time $49.99 installation fee



  • 1000 Mbps up & down
  • Includes equipment and WiFi
  • One-time $49.99 installation fee


The fastest internet in town

We are extending our broadband network – OMUfibernet – throughout Owensboro, enabling you to connect to what matters most, with speeds up to one gigabit per second (1000 Mbps).

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You will love OMU Residential Internet


As a not-for-profit, public utility – with local leadership and employees – OMU is dedicated to providing quality services with a customer-focused philosophy.


OMU Residential Internet is more reliable thanks to OMUfibernet. Fiber-optic networks are not susceptible to radio interference, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and other factors that degrade co-axial cable and phone-line services.


OMU Residential Internet is lightning quick. Stream a 4K movie with no buffering, and crush games with no lag. You’ll get consistently fast speed, even at peak times.


You get the best value in town with OMU Residential Internet. Our plans offer super-fast speeds, both up and down. Cable only offers from 10 to 40 Mbps upload speeds. There’s no comparison.