Water Rates

Customers are charged a monthly fee based on the size of their meter. Customers outside the city pay a higher rate. In addition, residential, commercial and industrial water rates are based on per-cubic-feet usage. Large meter charges are available upon request.

Customer Charge
Meter SizeInside CityOutside City
⅝ inch meter$9.40$14.10
1 inch meter$16.00$24.10
1 ¼ inch meter$32.00$47.90
1 ½ inch meter$53.50$80.20
2 inch meter$85.50$128.20
Large Meter Customer Charges available upon request
Monthly Water Use – per 100 cubic feet*
First 40,000 cubic feet$2.09$3.14
Next 460,000 cubic feet$1.85$2.77
More than 500,000 cubic feet$1.74$2.60
* 100 cubic feet = 750 gallons

RWRA Sewer Rates

DescriptionCustomer ChargeCapacity Fee
⅝ inch meter$15.15$0.53
1 inch meter$15.15$0.53
1 ¼ inch meter$15.15$0.53
1 ½ inch meter$34.09$1.19
2 inch meter$60.60$2.12
Wastewater User Charge – per 100 cu ft.$3.284
Environmental Improvement Fee$6.35
Environmental Improvement Volume Surcharge – per 100 cu ft
* Assessed to Commercial & industrial customers, more than 2,000 cubic feet

Water Rates Ordinance