Electric FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about electric service that Owensboro Municipal Utilities receives from our customers.

Where Do I Call If I Have No Power?

If your power goes off, check the breaker or fuse box in your home first to make sure there is no problem. If there is no problem at the box, you should contact us to notify us of the outage. We will need your name and address. If there is a large outage, you may experience a busy signal. Please keep trying until you reach us.

What Are My Electric Rates?

OMU’s electric rates are comprised of three components including a base cost, energy cost adjustment and an environmental control cost adjustment. These rates are approved locally by the Owensboro Utility Commission and Owensboro City Commission. Find out how electric rates are calculated.

Do I Own My Electric Meter?

OMU owns your electric meter and is responsible for the electric service line from the pole to your home or business. However, the metal weatherhead or riser pole which attaches to the service line is your responsibility. If the weatherhead is damaged (such as during a thunderstorm), a licensed electrician must repair it before OMU can reattach the service line.

I Think My Electric Bill Is Too High. Can You Re-read The Meter?

At your request, OMU will re-read a meter. If the reading is found to be wrong, OMU will make an adjustment. A service fee is charged only if a meter test is performed and the meter tests correctly.

A Member Of Our Household Relies On Electrically-Powered Life Support Equipment. How Do I Make OMU Aware Of That?

To qualify as a medical alert home, OMU requires a form be completed and signed by a physician. Find the Medical Alert form on the Forms page.