About Us

Owensboro Municipal Utilities is the largest municipally owned electric and water system in Kentucky with more than 27,000 electric customers and 26,000 water customers.

For more than 100 years, OMU has provided utility services to our community. Seeing a need in our community for affordable high-speed internet access, we expanded our services to provide telecommunications options.

Our Mission

Owensboro Municipal Utilities’ mission is to serve our community by providing reliable and quality utility services at the most economical cost.

OMU is a Public Utility

You are served by a public utility, meaning:

  • We are customer-focused. OMU earned 94% Customer Satisfaction Rating in its most recent survey.
  • Public utilities costs less. As a public utility, we pass through only the costs associated with producing and delivering our services. We do not make a profit nor do we pay shareholders. We do provide an annual cash and service dividend to the City of Owensboro assisting in offsetting additional taxation.
  • We are a good neighbor. OMU is committed to conservation, environmental stewardship, and safety. We work to meet the needs of long-term community goals.
  • We are reliable. Consumer-owned utilities’ rates pay for maintenance and investments in important infrastructure needs. OMU is the proud to have earned the American Public Power Diamond RP3 award for reliability and safety. This is the highest award presented by this nationwide organization. The Cavin Water Treatment Plant has earned numerous awards, including being named Large Water Treatment Plant of the Year by the American Water Works Association.