Electric Rates

OMU’s electric rates are comprised of three components:


The base electric rate for residential and small commercial customers is comprised of two parts. The customer charge is a set charge based on service type. A single-phase service is $15 per month and a three-phase service is $30 per month. In addition to the customer charge, there is a usage (or per kWh) cost. Large commercial and industrial customers also pay a monthly customer charge. In addition, their monthly bill also includes a charge for demand and usage. General Service Primary customers are assessed a monthly fee of $60. Base rates are designed to recover all costs associated with the delivery of power (including debt payment or capital funding), customer service, the City Dividend, some general and administrative costs, fixed costs from ESS and a portion of energy costs. A power factor charge is assessed for some industrial customers. Power factor is based on the ratio of real to apparent power.

Energy Cost Adjustment

The Energy Cost Adjustment (or ECA) reflects recovery of energy costs incurred  including fuel and maintenance costs for OMU’s Elmer Smith Station and back-up power costs. The ECA is assessed on a variable (kWh) basis. Net wholesale revenues impact the ECA rate through their ability to contribute to overall ESS energy costs.

Environmental Control Cost Adjustment

The Environmental Control Cost Adjustment (or ECCA) is a surcharge to recover costs for complying with governmental mandated environmental costs and is assessed on a variable (kWh) basis. Currently, the emission control costs related to compliance with the Clean Air Act Amendments including Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions at the Elmer Smith Station are being recovered.

OMU’s combined services statement also includes line item that clearly identifies charges related to Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) compliance costs.

Electric Rates

Single Phase – Customer Charge$16.50
Three Phase/CT – Customer Charge$31.50
Per kWh$0.0956
Commercial – 8,000 kWh per month or less
Single Phase – Customer Charge$16.50
Three Phase/CT – Customer Charge$31.50
Per kWh$0.0956
Industrial – Please call for specific rate information
Single Phase – Customer Charge$45.00
Three Phase – Customer Charge$40.00
GSS A – Customer Charge – Load factor greater than 40% for 7 months
Per kW (Demand)$10.15
Per kWh$0.0601
GSS B – Customer Charge – Load factor less than 40% for 7 months
Per kW (Demand)$5.10
Per kWh$0.0776
GSP – Customer Charge – Service provided from primary
Per kW (Demand)$6.00
Per kWh$0.0596
Power Factor of less than 95% Calculation
[Maximum Metered Demand (kW) x 95%] ÷ [Power Factor %] = Billing Demand
Energy Cost Adjustment and Environmental Cost Adjustment may be added to energy charges.

Electric Rates Ordinance