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Owensboro Municipal Utilities’ electric and water rates are set locally by the Owensboro Utility Commission and the Owensboro City Commission. As a public utility, owned by our customers, these rates reflect only the costs of providing the services. OMU does not have shareholders or pay dividends to private entities. OMU provides a dividend and free utility services to the City of Owensboro, helping to offset the need for additional taxes.

Rates Comparisons

As your not-for-profit public utility, OMU strives to maintain competitive and affordable rates for all of our services while providing quality and reliable utilities to you, our customer-owners.

Compared to utilities in our region, including neighboring electric and water providers in Kentucky and Indiana, OMU electric costs (per kWh) and water rates (per cubic foot) are lower than the average cost of those regional providers.

Rate comparisons shown are for the average customer using 900 kWh of electricity and 500 cubic feet of water.