All fees will be subject to school and/or state taxes when applicable.

Electric & Water Service

Connect / Disconnect Fees

For new connection, construction clearance, tree work, roofing, siding, painting, leaks, etc.

Effective January 1, 2023
Description8am – 5pmAfter 5pm, weekends, holidays
ResidentialAt MeterNo Charge$105 each trip
At Service LineNo Charge$210 each trip
Non-ResidentialAt MeterNo Charge$105 each trip
At Service LineTime & Materials (Work activity is required)
Routine Connection, Nonpayment or Noncompliance ReconnectAt Meter$30 each trip$105 each trip
At Service Line$60 each trip$210 each trip

Other Fees

Effective January 1, 2023
Collection Fee (Non-Pay 8am-4pm)$30
Return Payment Fee (e.g., checks, money orders, etc.)$30
Security Light Initiation Fee$75
Trip Fee$30
Meter Test (Trip Fee Included)$60
Tampering/Damaged EquipmentFirst Offense$100
Subsequent Offenses$250
Temporary Electric Service,
Up to 150 feet$175
More than 150 feet$175 plus Time & Materials
Temporary Electric Service, Non-Residential
(e.g.: ice stands, temp trailers)
$175 plus charges in OMU Rules & Regulations for Electric Service; Section II.7
Overhead to Underground Service Relocation (Residential)$550

Other Water Service Fees

Effective January 1, 2023
Hydrant Fee$6.94 monthly per hydrant
Tap on Fire Hydrant ($250 deposit)$30 minimum weekly bill
Hose for Hydrant ($100 deposit)$20 weekly fee
Water Taps¾” Single Tap$1,200 up front or $1,300 over 12 months
1” Single Tap$1,600 up front or $1,700 over 12 months
1 ½” & Above ($1,600 prepayment)Time and Materials
¾” Dual Tap ($1,200 prepayment)Time and Materials