Phantom Power Users

The increase in technology has meant an increase in energy usage. From cell phone chargers to coffee pots, there are lots of “phantom” power users in our homes.

In the average home, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off, according to Department of Energy estimates. These devices include televisions, stereos, computers and small kitchen appliances. 


Electronics equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR® helps save energy when off, while maintaining features like clock displays, channel settings, and remote-control functions.

Use power strips

Use a power strip as a central “turn off” point when you are done using equipment.

Even when turned off, electronic and IT equipment often use a small amount of electricity. For home office equipment, this stand-by power load can range from a few watts to as much as 20 or even 40 watts for each piece of equipment. Using a power strip for your computer and all peripheral equipment allows you to completely disconnect the power supply from the power source, eliminating standby power consumption.

Unplug it

Unplug any small appliances, battery chargers or power adapters when not in use – like your cell phone charger!