Summer Safety: Be alert when approaching utility work areas

OMU crews perform work throughout our community. On your daily commute or as you run errands, you may often see our red trucks maintaining, repairing, and expanding your neighborhood’s electric, water, and telecommunications services.

We are committed to safety and want everyone on our roadways — whether behind the wheel or an orange barrel — to return home safely.

In 2022, there were 1,074 construction zone crashes, 271 injuries, and six fatalities in Kentucky.

OMU employees and contractors establish work zones to ensure your safety and their own. Work zones are marked with strategically placed signage, high-visibility cones, street closures, or restricted areas.

Please join us in our efforts to keep motorists and our employees safe by:

  • Giving workers extra room
  • Slowing down as you approach workers and work zones
  • Being prepared to stop
  • Staying attentive, avoiding looking at your phone or other distractions