Celebrate National Drinking Water Week, May 5-11

OMU will join with other public water utilities across the nation to celebrate National Drinking Water Week, May 5 through 11. This celebration is an opportunity to be reminded of the benefits of having a source of water that is safe, reliable, and affordable.

For more than 120 years, OMU has delivered water to not only our customer-owners but also to water districts serving the remainder of Daviess County and surrounding areas.

On Wednesday, May 8, visitors to our Customer Service Center will receive a free water bottle, while supplies last.

Owensboro is fortunate to get its water supply from an underground aquifer, which is extracted through a well system before being treated at the state-of-the-art, 30-million-gallon capacity Cavin Treatment Plant.

As your public utility, OMU is owned by you, our customers. We work diligently to maintain competitive and affordable rates, comply with all rules and regulations, and are dedicated to reliable delivery of water.

At OMU, we understand the importance of safe, reliable water in our everyday lives  We operate our own water quality testing laboratories, where experienced, certified water quality personnel perform chemical and bacteriological tests on water samples throughout the year. These samples are taken from each section of the treatment process as well as from various sites around Owensboro and analyzed every day to ensure water safety and quality.

As we celebrate National Drinking Water Week, we want to thank the hard-working employees who use their talents and expertise to achieve that mission.

OMU is locally owned — by you

For more than 120 years, OMU has provided safe, reliable water to our customer-owners. As your public utility, we are governed by a board representing our community, rates are established in open meetings and we are only a phone call away.

State-of-the-art water treatment

The Cavin Water Treatment Plant is state-of-the-art, providing efficient and effective treatment of our water supply.

Water rates among the lowest in the region

In a recent regional comparison, OMU water rates were shown to be among the lowest in our area. In addition, according to water rate analysts, OMU has some of the lowest rates in the nation.

Water from an aquifer

Our water does not come from the Ohio River. OMU sources our water from an underground aquifer, filtered through layers of limestone. The water is treated at the state-of-the-art Cavin Water Treatment Facility, which was expanded and updated in 2021.

We take drinking water seriously

OMU complies with all rules and regulations that govern drinking water, including the Safe Drinking Water Act. We routinely test our water at points throughout the treatment and distribution process and provide an annual Water Quality Report summarizing the results for the past year.