Report provides information about your drinking water

For over 120 years, Owensboro Municipal Utilities has provided water to over 58,000 residents in the city of Owensboro. We also distribute water to three districts that serve the remainder of Daviess County and customers in some surrounding counties. Owensboro Municipal Utilities’ mission is to serve our community by providing reliable and quality utility services at the most economical cost, and we never forget that commitment.    

At OMU, we take water seriously. Just how seriously do we take it? We maintain our own water quality testing laboratories. Our experienced and certified water quality personnel analyze chemical and bacteriological tests on water samples throughout the year. These samples are taken from each section of the treatment process as well as from various sites around Owensboro and analyzed 365 days a year to assure water safety and quality.

Each year, OMU publishes a Water Quality Report which provides information about your drinking water supply, its treatment and distribution. The 2020 Water Quality Report is now available.