OMU partners with local agencies to assist customers; here’s how you can help

Owensboro Municipal Utilities understands the coronavirus pandemic has created financial hardship for many of our customers and we continue to assist those customers throughout this crisis.

OMU’s Community Cares Program is a unique partnership between OMU and the Salvation Army. OMU provides funds to the Salvation Army annually designated to assist our customers in need pay their utility bill. In addition, donations made by customers are added to those funds. If you wish to donate to the Community Cares Fund, please call 270-926-3200. If you’d like to assist a specific person or family, we can also assist.

For customers who need help, OMU provides payment assistance through our partnerships with local agencies that are distributing state and federal funds.

OMU has automatically established payment arrangements for any past due balances eligible for disconnection as of October 25, 2020 (“past due balances”) and will continue to partner with local agencies providing assistance and their distribution of federal funds to aid our customers in need.

Customers are encouraged to pay the balance in full if an extension is not needed. If customers need more time to spread out payments or have questions regarding extensions and options, please call the office at (270) 926-3200.

Get Help with Your Payments