OMU to resume disconnection of services for non-payment

In accordance with Governor of Kentucky’s Executive Order issued on October 19, 2020 OMU will resume its normal disconnection process on bills with a due date on or after November 6, 2020. 

We understand the coronavirus pandemic has created financial hardship for many of our customers and we want to continue to assist them. Therefore, we will automatically establish pay arrangements for any past due balances eligible for disconnection as of October 25, 2020 (herein referred as “past due balances”) and will continue to partner with local agencies providing assistance and their distribution of federal funds to aid our customers in need.

Past due balances of residential customers will be evenly split into monthly installments according to the following:

Past Due

# of Months

$26 to $400

6 months

$401 to $800

9 months

$801 to $1,200

12 months

More than $1,200

15 months

For example:  If your past due amount is $300, then $50 will be added to your monthly bill for six months beginning with those due on or after November 6.  To remain current you will need to pay the amount for the current month plus the $50 installment. 

Past due balances of commercial customers will be evenly split into 6 monthly installments, regardless of amount. 

Residential customers with past due balances do not need to call the office to request an arrangement, as your account has already been set up according to the chart above. This also applies to commercial customers, as a 6-month payment plan will be automatically set up.  

If you have a past due balance, you will receive a letter from us explaining your payment arrangement and schedule.

In order to stay current on your account and avoid disconnection, the current amount due as well as the installment total must be paid each month.

Customers are encouraged to pay the balance in full if an extension is not needed. If customers need more time to spread out payments or have questions regarding extensions and options, please call the office at (270) 926-3200.

After suspending disconnections and late fees, OMU has accumulated nearly $1.5 million in past due balances and waived over $366,000 in late fees. 

Late fees for residential customers will continue to be waived through December 31, 2020. Late fees for commercial accounts will be reinstituted with billing statements starting November 6, 2020.

If you have additional questions, please call 270-926-3200.

The list below includes local agencies assisting customers in need and distributing federal assistance dollars. For more information about their services, please contact the following:

Audubon Area Community Services

For more information about the Kentucky assistance programs:

(270) 686-1662

Help Office of Owensboro

 (270) 685-4971

United Way of the Ohio Valley


The Salvation Army

 (270) 685-5576