COVID-19: We are in this with you

Your utilities will stay on

Temporary suspension of disconnections extended; payment options available

In the interest of public health and to assist our customer-owners in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, OMU will temporarily suspend disconnection for nonpayment of water or electric services until further notice. Late fees will be waived during this time.

Customers will still be responsible for payment of the full amount due and we encourage customers who anticipate difficulty paying these bills to contact our Customer Service staff to make payment arrangements by calling (270) 926-3200.

As you and your family are staying safe at home, you may notice you are using more power and water. Managing your utility usage can help you save money.

  • Unplug unused electronic devices. These still steal power even when not in use. Consider unplugging game consoles, computers and phone chargers when not needed.
  • Change your HVAC filter. Heating and cooling of your home can account for over 50% of your overall energy usage. Making sure your system is operating as efficiently as possible can help you save money. Changing the system’s filter monthly and clearing debris away from your outdoor units can help. Also, consider a tune-up twice annually.
  • Although lighting may not be the largest part of your energy usage, it is perhaps the easiest to address. Turning off lights in rooms not in use and replacing most used lighting fixtures with LED bulbs can reduce usage. The added advantage is that LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer than regular incandescent ones.

For other energy saving measures, for renters and for homeowners, visit here.

Your utilities remain safe

Safety is our first priority

At OMU, safety is our goal: your safety and the safety of our employees. Throughout this crisis, we are taking extra precautions as we work to provide safe and reliable services to our community.

Your drinking water is safe. There is no evidence that Coronavirus can be transmitted via drinking water.  Our drinking water disinfection process continues to meet and exceed state and government regulations.

Our lobby is closed, but we are still here to serve you

Online and phone payment options save you time

In an effort to reduce potential exposure to the virus for employees and our customer-owners, our offices, including the Customer Service Center lobby, are closed until further notice. We have a number of payment options that you can use from the comfort of your own home including online bill payment and payment by phone. Our drive-through window and payment drop box will still be available.

Our drive-through window does remain open, but we encourage you to consider our other payment options to help you avoid the line.

We are in this with you

Local people. Local service.

OMU has a Coronavirus response plan that will ensure the uninterrupted delivery of water, electric and telecommunication services to our community. Critical personnel continue to provide reliable and quality services to our community.

As in any crisis, our employees step up to the challenge and continue to serve our customer-owners. From producing water and electricity to maintaining our delivery systems, our workforce remains ready and dedicated, as evidenced in the photo shown above.

In addition, we have taken precautions such as increased custodial cleaning, the prohibition of visitors to our facilities, provision of additional employee personal protection equipment and procedures, and health screening standards. In addition, a number of our employees are staying safe by working remotely and continuing to serve our community.

If you have any questions about your services, please call our Customer Service Center at (270) 926-3200.