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OMU crews are repairing broken mains, hope for service restoration tomorrow

OMU crews have excavated the area around the broken mains and will work through the night to make repairs. Two mains, in fact, were broken, a 20-inch and a 24-inch.
We hope to restore water service tomorrow. A specific timeline has not been established. However, the boil water will remain in effect until further notice.
Upon the repair of the two mains, the Plant A Water Treatment Facility will be placed back into operation. Water tanks and lines will then be refilled before a system-wide flushing begins. Following the flushing, multiple water tests will be conducted, and results provided to the State Department of Water. Once these results are reviewed and found satisfactory the order can be lifted.
Please note the boil water order affects only water you intend to drink or use for cooking.
Again, we appreciate your patience. Our appreciation is extended to the men and women working around the clock to restore safe, reliable water to our community and Daviess County.