What to do if your water line is frozen?

Cold temperatures can threaten your water lines.

Here is what to do if you have frozen water lines:

-Open all cabinets below sinks (in the bathroom and kitchen), this will allow heat to easily access those areas.
-If lines are in a crawl space, close any openings to that space.
-Turn on a faucet. As the pipe thaws the water will begin to drip through the faucet and will eventually flow normally.
-Unfortunately, if lines are frozen, you may not know you have a leak until after the water is moving again, so you will want to monitor it carefully.
-If you do have a leak, call OMU to turn the water off to your home at no cost during regular business hours. Once a plumber makes the repair, they can connect the water for you.

Please call 270-926-3200 if you experience a leak and need the water turned off to your home or business.