Water System Update

Around 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, November 30, OMU experienced a failure of a 20-inch water main that provides treated water to the OMU water distribution system. The main break resulted in part of the OMU water distribution system draining and causing loss of pressure at some points in the OMU system. 

OMU personnel were able to quickly isolate the leak from the distribution system and stabilize system water pressure.  The drop in pressure resulted in OMU issuing a required Boil Water Notice to all of its customers.

Upon the detection of the leak, OMU increased production at the Cavin Plant to maximum levels and shut down Plant A.  OMU immediately notified its wholesale customers (water districts and water associations) and other critical customers of the Boil Water Notice to request voluntary conservation measures.  OMU also notified the local fire department, emergency management, and city officials of the situation.  In addition, public notification was made through media sources and social media.

OMU personnel, with contractor support, worked through the night Thursday was able to bring the impacted water production facilities back to service early Friday morning and restored all water tank inventories rapidly.  Flushing of the OMU distribution system is underway and is expected to be completed later today. 

Upon completion of the system flushing, samples will be taken throughout the system in compliance with applicable regulations.  At this time, it is estimated that the Boil Water Notice may be lifted Sunday morning.

During the flushing of the system, customers may notice air or sediment in their lines. Please run water until those lines are clear of air and sediment.