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Winners of Earth Day Tree Giveaway selected

OMU selected winners of its Earth Day Tree Giveaway. Ten OMU customers were drawn randomly and will receive a gift certificate/voucher for a tree from a local nursery.

OMU has a dedicated history of dedication to the urban forest in its community. By using specific trimming practices designed to protect the health of trees and hosting a variety of tree planting events, the local utility has helped improve the quality of life for our customers by beautifying our city.

We remind customers when planting trees to consider carefully their placement. Please be mindful of underground and aerial service lines. Remember to call Before U Dig (BUD) by calling 811. The BUD program provides a free marking service for underground/buried utility lines. 

Please remember that newly planted trees require regular watering, particularly through summer months, to help in the establishment of a root system.

For more information about proper placement or our tree trimming program, visit this page or call 270-926-3200.

This year’s lucky winners include:

  • David Booher
  • Hope Neal
  • Jenny Lewis
  • Kristel Wright
  • Morgan Peters
  • Rebecca Vanover
  • Ryan Pigford
  • Sherrie Stroud
  • Ben Howard
  • Davi Tanner

All winners were notified via email and provided a proper planting guide along with their voucher.