Delivery engineers visit solar farm


In the photo above, OMU representatives Joe Janes, at left, and Austin McLimore, center, as well as Owensboro City Commissioner Bob Glenn tour the Indiana Municipal Power Association’s solar farm near Tell City, Indiana.

OMU Delivery Engineering Manager Austin McLimore and Senior Transmission and Distribution Engineer Joe Janes visited IMPA’s solar farm along with area Sierra Club members, Owensboro City Commissioner Bob Glenn and several others. The 1 MW facility, one of 10 operated by IMPA, is located on approximately five acres and cost approximately $2.9 million to build. This site feeds into the Tell City Electric Department’s power system. Other similar IMPA facilities range in size from 500kW to 5MW and are helpful in offsetting power supply deficiencies during peak use periods. These costs were shared by 360,000 customers.

McLimore explained that the tour was an opportunity to see the solar farm in action and learn about the impact such facilities are having on communities in Indiana.