Scammers target OMU customers

Scam 3

Scammers have recently contacted OMU customers attempting to gain payment with threat of shutting off of water or electric services. Please review the following information to avoid being a victim of fraud or call 270-926-3200 for more information.

To protect yourself from such scams, please know:

  • OMU will never ask for vital personal information over the phone and will only take credit card information when you want to pay by phone.
  • If you’re unsure if a call is actually coming from OMU (as scammers can often confuse your caller ID systems), please ask for the employee’s name, hang up and call OMU’s Customer Service Center at (270) 926-3200 and ask for that employee.
  • OMU employees carry proper ID and will be glad to show that identification upon entering your yard or approaching your home or business.
  • OMU field personnel also drive clearly marked vehicles.
  • Our workers in the field will never ask for a credit card.
  • Do not share your account number, banking information or other customer information if you cannot verify the caller or visitor is an OMU employee.
  • If you are unsure that someone is an OMU employee, ask for their identification and do not let them into your home. Call our Customer Service Center at (270) 926-3200 and confirm their information.

Additional information can be found here.