Fiber-to-the-Home Pilot Program

Since 1997, Owensboro Municipal Utilities has provided high-speed, quality, reliable and affordable internet services to our commercial and industrial customers.

In 2015, OMU announced its first Fiber-to-the-Home pilot program (Phase 1) which allowed us to examine the possibility of bringing these same quality fiber services to our residential customers. This test area provided important information regarding equipment, service and customer satisfaction.

We are now excited to launch our second Fiber-to-the-Home pilot area adjacent to the original test neighborhood. The Phase 2 test area includes almost 900 homes. Construction of the fiber system in that area will begin in October and we hope to install our first service in January.

If you are interested in Fiber-to-the-Home service and would like to pre-register for the Phase 2 area, please complete the sign-up form.

Fiber to the Home Service

Fiber-to-the-Home service allows OMU to leverage its existing fiber infrastructure to bring high-speed internet services to local neighborhoods.

Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions about Fiber-to-the-Home.

OMU’s Fiber-to-the-Home program would provide the following speeds at the prices listed below:

SpeedMonthly RateEquipmentWiFiInstallation
50 Mbps$49.99IncludedIncluded$49.99
100 Mbps$69.99IncludedIncluded$49.99
1 Gbps$99.99IncludedIncluded$49.99

Phase 2 Neighborhood

FTTH Phase 2 Boundary Map
The map above shows the areas where Fiber To The Home is available during the pilot program. Phase 1 is outlined in black, Phase 2 is outlined in red.

Phase 1 of the pilot involved what is generally called the Town and Country neighborhood. The above map shows the area that is included in Phase 2, outlined in red.

We may continue to expand the pilot program, and if the pilot program proves successful we will grow the system to provide services to other areas of Owensboro. Watch for more information!

Register for Phase 2

If you live in the area outlined in red in the map above, we encourage you to sign up to be a part of Phase 2 of the OMU Fiber-to-the-Home pilot program.

After registering, you will receive regular e-mailed updates regarding our progress. Please note that the initial stage will include the installation of necessary facilities and equipment. We are hopeful to launch Phase 2 installations to the home in January 2017.

Phase 1 Service Available

If you live in the Town and Country neighborhood (Phase 1), we invite you to call (270) 926-3200 to sign-up for service and schedule an installation time.