Enterprise Level Internet

With Enterprise Level Internet, your connection is exclusive to your business – you never compete for bandwidth. Enterprise Level Internet provides secure, symmetrical, high-speed access – an ideal match for businesses that demand bandwidth for sending and receiving large amounts of data, conducting video conferences, running web-based applications, streaming video and more.

Enterprise Level Internet Features

  • Dedicated bandwidth for reliable, consistent broadband speed 24/7
  • Symmetrical connectivity – same bandwidth for upload and download
  • Secure connectivity between your LAN and the Internet
  • Supports static IP addresses


Point-to-point network service provides a dedicated, high-speed connection for secure data transfer. With Point-to-point service, communications among your multiple business locations are secure and fast. Safely deliver sensitive information such as point-of-sale data, medical records, financial transactions and confidential corporate documents.

Point-to-Point Features

  • Dedicated, secure connection for private transmission between locations
  • Symmetrical connectivity – same bandwidth for upload and download
  • Fast, reliable transmission of voice, data and video

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