Advanced Metering

Information is power

OMU has begun plans to conduct a pilot program for advanced metering technology. This modernization would allow you, as a customer, to control and monitor your electric and water usage. It provides the utility with information necessary to better serve your electric and water needs.

The initial pilot will be within the Town and Country Neighborhood area and is expected to be launched in the next fiscal year. This limited launch will allow OMU to test equipment, monitor the success of the program and plan carefully for future growth.

Why advanced metering?

Control & Convenience

Advanced metering enables you to monitor your electric and water usage, helping you control your usage and save money.


The same metering system will enhance reliability by detecting outages sooner and providing more detailed information for faster restoration.

Myths vs. Facts


Some of the buzz around advanced metering states that there is a health risk. In fact, a thorough study by the World Health Organization revealed that the small amount of radio frequency (RF) energy produced by smart meters is not harmful. In fact, the RF emitted by advanced meters is well below levels produced by other common household devices including cell phones, baby monitors, satellite television and microwaves.


Advanced metering uses state-of-the-art and advanced security and encryption technology to provide and safeguard your information.


Advanced meters must meet safety requirements and standards detailed in the National Electrical Safety Code.


Advanced metering technology measure simply how much energy you use, based on the time of day. They do not calculate how you use that energy.