Add Service

To apply for service please come to our Customer Service Center, at 2070 Tamarack Road, at least 24 hours before service is needed.

We require that you show photo identification and provide your Social Security Number. You may be required to present your Social Security card and/or a copy of your rental lease agreement.

There is a connection fee for water and electric services. A deposit may be required.

OMU Deposits

Most home owners are not charged a deposit if they bring in proof of ownership, but OMU sometimes requires a deposit. Customers with a letter of credit or customers with good payment history with OMU may not be required to pay a deposit. A credit check may be required to determine if a customer will be charged a deposit.

Good Payment History

A good payment history with OMU requires at least two years of service with OMU. In those years, the customer should have no disconnection of service, no returned checks, and less than six disconnect notices, with no more than two disconnect notices in any six month period.